Photos from the BmoreArt Magazine Launch Party!

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Thanks for celebrating with us! We had such a great time!
On Saturday, November 21 we hosted our first ever magazine launch party for our new magazine: the BmoreArt Journal of Art + Ideas! The sold-out party was hosted by Maryland Art Place, who sponsored the event, in addition to Union Craft Brewing, Pixilated Photo, with additional help from the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.
Gorgeous photography by Theresa Keil of TLC Baltimore.
Check out all of the Pixilated Photo Booth fun here!
The BmoreArt Journal of Art + Ideas features writing, art, and photography from some of Baltimore’s best: Bret McCabe, Elizabeth Evitts Dickenson, Justin Tsucalas, Nate Larson, Will Holman, Elena Volkova, Andy Cook, Crystal Star Whitman, Olivia Obineme, Kelvin Bulluck, Jill Fannon, Sara Barnes, Dwayne Butcher, and Tiffany Jones and was designed by Tony Venne.
If you were unable to join us Saturday night, you can buy a copy direct from BmoreArt here OR head to the Industrial Arts Holiday Pop Up Shop, the MICA Bookstore, Trohv, Atomic Books, or Hunting Ground.
BmoreArt-1 copy
BmoreArt-2 copy
BmoreArt-3 copy
BmoreArt-4 copy
BmoreArt-5 copy
BmoreArt-6 copy
BmoreArt-7 copy
BmoreArt-65BmoreArt-8 copy
BmoreArt-9 copyBmoreArt-10 copy
BmoreArt-12 copy
BmoreArt-13 copy
BmoreArt-14 copy
BmoreArt-15 copy
BmoreArt-16 copy
BmoreArt-17 copy
BmoreArt-18 copy
BmoreArt-20 copy
BmoreArt-21 copy
BmoreArt-22 copy
BmoreArt-23 copy
BmoreArt-24 copy
BmoreArt-25 copy
BmoreArt-26 copy
BmoreArt-27 copy
BmoreArt-28 copy
BmoreArt-29 copy
BmoreArt-30 copy
BmoreArt-31 copy
BmoreArt-32 copy
BmoreArt-33 copy
BmoreArt-34 copy
BmoreArt-35 copy
BmoreArt-36 copy
BmoreArt-38 copy
BmoreArt-39 copy
BmoreArt-42 10.06.10 PM BmoreArt-37 10.07.09 PM
BmoreArt-40 copy
BmoreArt-41 copy
BmoreArt-43 copy
BmoreArt-44 copy
BmoreArt-45 copy
BmoreArt-46 copy
BmoreArt-48 copy
BmoreArt-49 copy
BmoreArt-51 copy
BmoreArt-52 copy
BmoreArt-53 copy
BmoreArt-54 copy
BmoreArt-55 copy
BmoreArt-56 copy
BmoreArt-57 copy
BmoreArt-58 copy
BmoreArt-59 copy
BmoreArt-60 copy
BmoreArt-62 copy
BmoreArt-63 copy
BmoreArt-64 copy
BmoreArt-65 copy
BmoreArt-66 copy
BmoreArt-67 copy
BmoreArt-70 copy
BmoreArt-71 copy
BmoreArt-72 copy
BmoreArt-74 copy
BmoreArt-75 copy
BmoreArt-76 copy
BmoreArt-77 copy
IMG_4350 copyPhotographer Theresa Keil with Morgan Monceaux (last photo by Cara Ober)
And… check out more from Pixilated Photo here…
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11988519_10207196829294461_1553506621553418253_n 12239489_10207196829254460_3297885390073510762_n

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