Issue 08: Archive

Issue 08: Archive

The significance of national foundations purchasing the photo archives of Ebony and Jet Magazines for museums

Last summer, four foundations—Ford, Mellon, MacArthur, and the J. Paul Getty Trust—purchased the Johnson Publishing Company’s photo archives for $30 million.

Webster Phillips and the the I. Henry Photo Project is an ongoing effort to archive family photographs by two prominent African-American photojournalists

The I. Henry Photo Project documents a lost and hidden Baltimore from the perspective of Black photojournalists over the past century.

Sun streams in through the large windows at the Walters’ 1 West Mount Vernon Place as Antonio McAfee shows me his installation “Unmaking and Making.” Shadowy faces from long ago, ...

Inside Beyond Video, the rowhouse with the hypnotic paint job next to the Ottobar, there are thousands of Blu-Rays, DVDs, and even some VHS—a defiant, pro-stuff counterpunch to Amazon, Netflix, ...

An Art Collection that Encompasses the History of The Contemporary and Baltimore

Ciscle’s jaw-dropping collection was amassed through his interwoven careers as student, gallerist, curator, founder/director of the Contemporary Museum, and the educator who established the nation’s first MFA in Curatorial Practice at MICA.

Phylicia Ghee doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t making art. As a child, her mother would drop her and her brother off in the mornings at her grandparents’ house ...

Spectrum of Fashion Gala at the Maryland Historical Society

A photo essay of the MDHS Fashion Archive of patrons, trustees, artists, and fashion designers.

You are an archive. Your cellular memory and the genetic structures that determined the color of your eyes are archives too, lasting proof about your ancestry. We don’t consider our ...