Michael Anthony Farley

Michael Anthony Farley

Michael Anthony Farley is an artist, critic, curator, and drag performer who splits his time between Baltimore and Mexico City. He is a graduate of MICA and UMBC. IG: @juvederm_delinquent

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Memes, Art World Gossip, Tough Love, and Predictions for the New Year

@jerrygogosian: "You can still be an artist and find a way to support yourself without academia, grants, or gallery sales, and frankly, the bigger “world” needs the influence of artistic thinkers the most."

Art Basel Miami Beach's Artist-Run Art Fair

Satellite was one of the few venues in Miami this year where the majority of the work on view was either immediately lovable or, better yet, interesting. 

You know that weird feeling of panic you experience in a big-box store in the suburbs? When you look around a Walmart or Target and realize the sheer amount of ...

It's hard to believe Untitled Art Fair started in 2012, because the beachfront fair simultaneously feels young and new, but also institutional and grand. In many mental calendars, the curated ...