Connect + Collect

Do You Want to Collect the Art of Your Time and Place? Do you want to invest in the excellence that the visual arts bring to your city?

Connect+Collect is a Baltimore-based collecting initiative designed to engage new and established collectors and to build relationships with Baltimore’s best artists.

Connect+Collect offers studio tours, speaker series, professional development for artists and collectors, and an exhibition space attached to BmoreArt’s headquarters at 2519 N. Charles Street.

Connect + Collect is a new initiative brought to you by BmoreArt’s Cara Ober and Jeffrey Kent, designed to create awareness and momentum among new and experienced collectors, and to promote a culture of collecting in Baltimore.

We welcome artists to this conversation who want to strengthen relationships with collectors, as well as those who want to build private and public collections, including curators, collectors, gallerists, and art professionals. Each panel is followed by a reception in The Showroom and each ticket includes an adult beverage at the bar.

For more information check the Connect+Collect website.

Connect+Collect makes it easy to engage with the art of your place and time, connecting artists poised for national careers with those who want to invest in the success of Baltimore, one artist at a time.

Connect + Collect Offers:

  • Studio tours for collectors, curators, trustee, and museum groups
  • A speaker series where collectors and artists discuss best practices for collecting
  • An inaugural artist cohort of 12 Baltimore-based artists who have achieved national recognition in the form of museum acquisitions and exhibits, national press, grants, and residencies but are not being actively collected in Baltimore-yet
  • A new gallery space at 2519 N. Charles Street