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Fashion & Lifestyle

An Interview with Angie Gavin and Kate Schultz

“We prefer private estate brokering because we can work with families and ensure their loved ones pieces can breathe new life in our care."

An Interview with Morissa Rothman-Pierce

Vintage Shopping at Bottle of Bread

Spectrum of Fashion Gala at the Maryland Historical Society

A photo essay of the MDHS Fashion Archive of patrons, trustees, artists, and fashion designers.

In an age of fast fashion, the cheap and trendy clothing mass-produced and filling landfills because of poor quality and limited utility, one clear solution is wearing repurposed clothing from ...

A Q&A with artist and activist Michelle Antoinette Nelson By Bret McCabe On December 4, 2012, the Baltimore-based artist, photographer, poet, and activist Michelle Antoinette Nelson tweeted a photo of ...

The New Baltimore Jewelry Center and Opening Exhibit by Cara Ober "The Baltimore Jewelry Center is an educational non-profit building and a vibrant, creative community for the study and practice ...